Thursday, March 7, 2013

Our Colourful Butterflies

A few weeks ago, Mr Davidson brought in a special plant. On the plant were caterpillars eggs. They were little white dots. A few days later we saw caterpillars.

The caterpillars ate all the leaves and they got fat.

Then they made a cocoon. The cocoons were green. We had three cocoons.  One of them was on the ceiling. We all asked "How did it get up there?" Mr Davidson didn't know.

After a week, the cocoon went black.

It turned into a butterfly and came out of the cocoon. 

A Jay is pointing to the butterfly.  When Mr Davidson opened the door, it flew away.

 "I was happy because it flew away." - Marlana

"I am happy about the butterfly turning into a butterfly." - Sini

"I am happy about it was nice and coloury when it was turning into a butterfly when it went into a cocoon." - A Jay


  1. Wow! Learning Lions you were very lucky to see a caterpillar all the way through the life cycle. Do you know that the butterfly that flew away will go and lay more eggs and then there will be more caterpillars.